St. Marks Episcopal Church
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Spiritual Growth

St. Mark’s is dedicated to encouraging spiritual growth, and Christian formation programs promote this lifelong journey. At St. Mark’s, we strive to provide age-appropriate formation opportunities which help people of all ages grow in their relationship with God, self, others, and all creation. Every experience in life can provide opportunities to express true faith; the challenge is recognizing these opportunities and learning ways to live life in a secular world. We invite you to come and participate.

Lion's Roar Children’s Church
We welcome all kids ages 2-8 to join our children, following the Collect of the Day, going to their classroom with their teachers, and returning to join the congregation at communion.

Episcopal Youth Camp (EYC)
Each summer many of St. Mark’s children and youth attend camp with others from throughout the Diocese of Western Michigan. This summer camping experience is an excellent opportunity for them to form relationships with other Christian children and youth. Junior Camp is for young people entering grades 3-5; Middle Camp is open to young people entering grades 6-8; and Senior Camp is open to young people entering grades 9-12. There are also ‘counselor-in-training’ programs for youth who are capable of even greater responsibility. Since we consider this an important part of our ministry to our children and youth, scholarship assistance is available from several sources. Find more information on the programs here Diocesan Church Camp

Adult Christian Formation
Adults at St. Mark’s are invited to participate in several different Formation activities. Throughout the year, adults may choose to meet with the formation group on Wednesday mornings at 10:30 AM. The formation group is led by Fr. Rick. Materials for these sessions vary, and are chosen for their interesting topics and theological soundness. ThIs formation group is usually suspended during Advent and Lent to allow for special seasonal sessions which are aimed at adults and older youth and are held on Wednesday evenings.



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